New Jersey Diamond Products Co.


At New Jersey Diamond Products Co., Inc. in Paterson, NJ, we stand by every diamond product that we manufacture from the design process and diamond tool making to customer support and tool reconditioning.

Design Support

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) principles are utilized optimizing tooling value while ensuring repeatability and performance.

Set Up Recommendations

With 50 years of machining experience, NJDP can help answer machine set up questions pertaining to fixturing, coolant distribution and operating parameters.

CAD Support

Customers can request custom tool drawings for approval before being released for build.

Rapid Turnaround

Because most operations are done internally, NJDP has the ability to manufacture complex tooling in 1-2 days when necessary.

Field Application Support

NJDP offers hands-on engineering support at the customer’s site upon request.

Tool Redress and Conditioning

When applicable tools can be sent to NJDP to be reconditioned for extended tool life.

Performance Guarantee

Tools are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.