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Your Best Option for Diamond Core Drills

New Jersey Diamond Products Co., Inc. in Paterson, NJ manufactures diamond core drills. Below you will find helpful advice on ordering core drills.

Core Drills Can Be Ordered Many Ways:

  • O.D.(Outside Diameter)

  • I.D.(Inside Diameter)

  • Thin Wall

  • Thick Wall

  • Mounted (Brass Or Steel Adaptor)

  • Unmounted

  • Disintegrating Center

  • Double Core(Drill Within Drill)

  • Slotted Rim

  • Continuous Rim

How To Order Diamond Core Drills:

  1. Give Diameter Size
    • A. Outside Diameter
    • B. Inside Diameter
    • C. Wall Thickness
    • D. Tolerance (+-.005” Is Standard)
  2. Depth of Cut
  1. Type of Adaptor
  2. Mesh Size
  3. Type Material Being Cut
  4. Supply Blueprint if Available